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Admissions Questions2016-10-12T11:14:13-04:00
Can you help me determine which schools are right for me, and what those admissions officers are looking for in a candidate?2013-07-25T20:01:32-04:00

Yes, I have visited many schools and have gotten to know students and administrators at those schools.  I have also served on panels and participated in information sessions with admissions representatives from a wide range of schools. This insight will allow me to help you tailor your message for each institution.

Are you able to help candidates who do not have a traditional background?2013-07-25T20:01:09-04:00

Yes, I am expert at helping every applicant shine, including those with less traditional trajectories. Eliciting a compelling story – and knowing what to share in your application – is a key part of my process. Admissions committees are looking for unique candidates. The challenge for any applicant can be identifying and conveying what makes you unique within the pool. I help you to stand out and embrace your less traditional qualities.

Are you able to work with applicants remotely?2013-07-25T20:00:49-04:00

Absolutely. I communicate with you via phone, Skype and e-mail, and can accommodate different schedules.

Do you write or edit essays for your clients?2013-07-25T20:00:36-04:00

No. The application you submit needs to represent your work. I will help you to develop your narrative (choosing the best anecdotes, clarifying your goals) and offer feedback about how well your response conveys your strengths and answers the essay questions. I am in a strong position to offer guidance about what admissions committees are looking for, having contributed to the formulation of the applications and also having evaluated thousands of candidates.

Why should I hire an admissions consultant?2013-07-25T19:43:07-04:00

Applying to college or business school is a competitive, stressful and complicated process. It also represents a significant investment. Hiring an experienced consultant alleviates stress and enables you to present the strongest possible application.

When should I start the pre-application process?2013-07-25T19:42:28-04:00

College candidates should start to think about their profile early in their high school career, ideally sophomore year. Pre-MBAs often start the exploration process two years in advance. Wherever you are in the process, I can help you make sure that you are ready to apply and to succeed, whether you are looking for help several years in advance or just before you hit submit.

Do you offer a free consultation?2016-10-12T11:18:19-04:00

Yes, I offer a free, 20-minute consultation to anyone who would like to learn more about working with North Star. During this conversation, I will review your background and aspirations, and outline how you can implement the specific strategies most likely to gain you admission to the school of your choice. I work with a limited number of clients, enabling me to devote personal attention to each one. Following the initial consultation, you can choose to collaborate on an hourly basis, or select a comprehensive package. The end result will be a polished, thoughtful application that truly reflects your best qualities to strategic advantage.

Do you work with students from other countries?2016-10-12T11:18:19-04:00

Yes, I am very happy to work with international clients and can accommodate time differences. We are also familiar with international grading systems and with the TOEFL, PEARSON and other tests of English aptitude.

Do you know how to help me prepare a strong application through the Consortium?2013-07-25T19:41:15-04:00

Definitely.  It can be a challenge to fully convey your candidacy through any common application, but my years of experience as the lead diversity recruiter at Tuck and as a Trustee and Chair of the Consortium’s Executive Committee have given me an informed window into how to submit an outstanding Consortium application.

What are your fees?2013-08-08T20:05:34-04:00

Learn about North Star’s packages and fees.