Component Services

In addition to comprehensive packages and hourly options, I offer several component services for clients to consider:

Application Feedback: – $650.00 for one school, $800.00 for two schools

This service is primarily for candidates who were not admitted to their first choice schools and who are considering reapplying. It includes a thorough application review and analysis, and concrete suggestions about how to strengthen your candidacy. This option can also be used if you have completed an application and would like a second opinion before submission.

Wait List Guidance – $650.00 per school

This service includes a thorough application review and analysis, as well as help implementing suggested next steps. There is no time cap on this service.

The fees for all component service options can be applied to a comprehensive package, should you decide to upgrade.

Hourly Rates

If you prefer to work with us on an hourly basis, the rate is $350.00 per hour for all services. There is a two hour minimum.

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North Star Admissions Consulting Service packages include the following elements:

  • Determining your key strengths
  • Articulating your goals and interests
  • Identifying ideal target schools
  • Crafting and integrating your story
  • Preparing for admissions tests
  • Selecting essay topics
  • Determining suitable references
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Developing your resume
  • Mitigating areas of concern
  • Identifying financial aid opportunities
  • Evaluating offers
  • Wait list management
  • Evaluation of previous applications

Client Testimonial

“Karen was an incredibly helpful resource in navigating the wait list process at Tuck. Her background in admissions has given her a great insider’s view, allowing her to provide outstanding advice and to help craft a unique plan for me as a wait-listed prospective student. What really sets Karen apart though is her ability and willingness to listen to and get to know each candidate. Karen truly has a knack for seeing and bringing out the best in people. She was great at critiquing my letters and helping me articulate my strengths and desire to attend Tuck to the committee. She was always contagiously upbeat and positive and went out of her way to provide a little extra help and talk me back from the ledge. Though she would never admit it, I am pretty sure she rearranged her schedule and went out of her way to help me on a couple of different occasions. My goal was to put my best foot forward, and with Karen’s help, I believe I achieved that goal. I am very grateful for all the help and advice she has offered me and cannot recommend her enough!”

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