“Attending my top choice with a full ride!”

“I can’t put into words how incredible it was to work with Karen during my

Skeptic to Happy Customer

Entering the MBA process was stressful. The market is full of companies, tutors and consulting

“I was an “older applicant”, I had a low undergraduate GPA, and just was sure how this whole process would play out… The culmination of this alliance was my admission to my dream school, and scholarship funds to boot!! Imagine my excitement!”

I had been pondering the idea of enrolling for a Full Time MBA for quite

“In the end, I received two full-tuition scholarship offers — something I didn’t even think was possible for me — one of which was at a top 10 program which I’ll be attending in the Fall…I can’t express enough how instrumental Karen was to my success of getting into my dream business school.”

I can’t express enough how instrumental Karen was to my success of getting into my

I Got Into Every School I Applied for (Including Stanford Gsb, Hbs, Wharton, Sloan and Booth) Which I Could Not Have Done Without Karen!

“I thoroughly recommend working with Karen! I thought I was ready to apply and came

Accepted Early Decision to Penn

Working with Karen got me accepted early decision into my first choice college, the University of

Made the Right Choice With Karen

“As an applicant from the overrepresented demographic pool, I was a bit anxious about the admission

Working With Karen Was the Best Decision I Made

“ I wholeheartedly recommend working with Karen if you are remotely considering applying to MBA

Her Guidance is the Best Investment I Have Ever Made and Has Set Me Up for a Bright Future.

“Without Karen I would not be at the top tier MBA program I am at


“I can’t thank Karen enough for believing in my potential. Given my less-than-ideal stats and

Her Dynamic Abilities and Execution-oriented Feedback Made an Impact on My Application and Helped Me Get Into My Dream Program – Harvard Business School.

“My coach from Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) referred me to Karen two months before

In the End, I Received Two Full-tuition Scholarship Offers — Something I Didn’t Even Think Was Possible for Me — One of Which Was at a Top 10 Program Which I’ll Be Attending in the Fall…i Can’t Express Enough How Instrumental Karen Was to My Success of Getting Into My Dream Business School.

“I can’t express enough how instrumental Karen was to my success of getting into my

Ultimately I Was Accepted to the Tuck School of Business, Which Was One of the Three Programs I Worked With Karen on, and All of Which Were Among the Top Mba Programs in the Country.

I approached Karen late in the application process (in November) and I was intent on

She Helped Me Get Into My Top Choice Program, Tuck, by Providing Constructive Criticism, Pep Talks When I Was at My Lowest Point, and Everything Else Needed to Get Through This Strenuous Process. Thank You, Karen!

“Once I started the application process, I realized that I was going to need help

Great and Well Worth the Money

“If you’re looking for an MBA consultant to apply to the most competitive programs, Karen

Thanks to All Her Efforts I Was Able to Earn Admission Into Every School I Applied to, and Successfully Earned Scholarships That Were Beyond Any Expectation

“Applying to business school is a daunting process with all the interviews, school visits, and

I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Karen’s Guidance. She Really Believed in Me.

“Karen took the time to learn about my background, goals and interests so she could

Through Her Very Patient Listening and Insightful Questioning, Karen Was Able to Transform My Biggest Vulnerabilities Into Strong Components of My Overall Application, and Interview Experience.

“I had been pondering the idea of enrolling for a Full Time MBA for quite

Thanks to All Her Efforts I Was Able to Earn Admission Into Every School I Applied to, and Successfully Earned Scholarships That Were Beyond Any Expectation.

“Applying to business school is a daunting process with all the interviews, school visits, and

I Could Not Have Done It Without Her!

Karen was instrumental in helping me get into business school. She has a gift for understanding

We Highly Recommend Karen

“We are so thankful that we hired Karen to help our daughter with her college

Personal and Reflective Experience

“The business school application process can be daunting and complicated – Karen both guided me

Karen is the Real Deal

“Let’s start the story with the outcome: I am going to my dream school and that

Took Some of the Angst Out of This Process

“Karen was a key asset during the college search and application process. In initial interviews with each

Found a Way Connect With Me

“Karen helped make my college application process go as smoothly and stress free as possible. She found a

What Got Me Into Business School

“Without question, working with Karen is what got me into business school.  Just a year

Took the Stress Out of the Process

“Working with Karen took essentially 100% of the stress out of the process for our

Professional & Personable

“Karen is professional and personable. She is continually keeping her clients’ needs in mind and wants

Karen’s Help Made All the Difference

“After getting accepted to my dream school, the first person I wanted to tell was

Single Best Decision

“Investing in North Star Consulting was the single best decision I could have made during my application process.

Unbelievable & Necessary Resource

“I don’t know what I would have done without Karen. From initial soul-searching to application

Understanding and Trusting

“Being an international student, I knew I would need some help with my application process

Changed the Course of My Life

“Karen has changed the course of my life. This is not an overstatement or an exaggeration.

Getting Accepted to Harvard

“I was very happy with Karen’s service and ended up getting accepted to Harvard. This is

Big Ripple Effect

“It wasn’t until I started working with Karen that I truly understood the importance and

Immediately Encouraging and Positive

“After my son was deferred from his first choice college in December, we went to

Strongly Recommended

“I am fortunate to have Karen as my mentor of MBA applications. I got to

Exceptional Qualifications

“I chose to work with Karen due to her exceptional qualifications and the fact that I get

Accessible and Responsive

“Working with Karen was a real pleasure and her feedback and coaching were instrumental in

Invested in Your Success

“Karen is so good at getting you to trust her first, and then trust yourself.

Top Mba Program

“Karen was instrumental in helping me getting accepted into my top choice school. I came into

Top Schools

“Working with Karen got me into arguably the best business school in the world. But that’s

$338,580 in Scholarships With a 2.57 Gpa

“Karen is amazing!  With her knowledge of the admissions process she developed an admissions strategy

Consistent Approach

“Karen is an amazing person to work with and I urge anyone applying to business

My Sounding Board

“I cannot imagine navigating the MBA admissions process without the guidance, support and insights offered

Honest Feedback

“Karen has been a wonderful adviser to have through this complex application process. I made

Higher Caliber Schools

“What I believe sets Karen apart from other consultants is she really took the time

Investment in Education

“Working with Karen was one of the best investments I’ve made in my education. I will be attending

Great Experience

“Working with Karen as an admissions consultant has truly been a great experience.  I was referred

Genuinely Cared About My Success

“Karen and North Star Admissions Consulting was a joy to work with. I used two

Interview Strategies

“The college application process is never easy. We decided to engage a consultant to help

Supportive Guidance

“As our son approached the finish of his junior year in high school, we were

Medical School

“Coming from a competitive undergraduate institution with a large pre-med population, I was extremely grateful to

Peace of Mind

“The first thing that I think of when I think of Karen and North Star

Non-traditional Background

“Working with North Star Admissions was an absolute pleasure. I was initially quite anxious when

Goal Oriented

“After talking to Karen Marks during the free consultation, I knew that I had found

Selection and Concentration

“Looking back at my application process to some of top schools of the US and

Invaluable Insights

“Karen provided us with consistently knowledgeable and thoughtful advice throughout the college admissions process. Her

Perfect Fit

“After two successful college admissions processes, we cannot say enough positive things about the support

Significant Scholarships

“I decided to work with Karen after our initial free consultation. At the time, I

Unique Strengths

“When my daughter was placed on the wait list at her first choice college, Karen

Fresh Ideas

“I strongly recommend Karen. She was honest, professional, flexible, and above all completely trustworthy. If your

My Best Qualities

“Simply stated, I highly recommend Karen to other individuals who are applying to business school.

Phenomenal Experience

“My time with you was nothing short of a phenomenal experience. You worked hard to get

Outstanding Advice

“Karen was an incredibly helpful resource in navigating the wait list process at Tuck. Her

Sharply Perceptive Advisor

“Over the two years that I have known Karen, both as a prospective and current

BA, University of Pennsylvania; MA, UCLA; MBA, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

Expert in Mba Admissions

“I have had the pleasure of connecting with Karen in many different roles. I interacted

— A.W.
BS, Wesleyan; MBA, the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College

Years of Experience

“Karen is an admissions expert with years of experience in a decision-making role at a top-ranked business

— JG
BS, Columbia University; MBA, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Valuable Asset

“My interaction with Karen Marks through the MBA admissions process was particularly helpful because I

BA, Brown; MBA, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Impressively Intelligent

“I have known Karen for the two years I was a student at the Tuck

— VN
B. Com., Delhi University; Institute of Chartered Accountants of India; MBA, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Insider Knowledge

“Karen has the unique ability to hone in on the distinctive qualities of her clients and help

— JM,
BS, United States Military Academy at West Point; MBA, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; MPA, Harvard Kennedy School

Maximized My Candidacy

“I can confidently say that my life would be very different today had it not

— JM
BA, Cornell University; MBA, Kellogg

Succeed & Achieve

“Karen understands people—she listens, truly cares, and wants her students to succeed and achieve. Karen’s

BA, Mt. Holyoke; Associate Director of Admissions at an independent high school
North Star Admissions Consulting