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Ready to Start Your MBA Applications?

The business school application season has officially begun, with schools releasing essays, deadlines and even the MBA applications themselves. This time of year, I often hear that applicants are planning to start working on their materials at some point in the future, after hitting certain milestones. In my experience, waiting [...]

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Surprising Red Flags on Your MBA Application

You already know that having a criminal record, failing grades and erratic work experience can make it harder to get into business school. However, you might not realize that there are subtle (and more common!) issues that also alarm MBA programs. Do you have any of these surprising red flags [...]

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How to Get Great College Recommendations

Wondering how to get great college recommendations? It’s normal to be nervous about choosing recommenders, and about asking them to endorse you. Here are tips that can alleviate some of your stress. Choose people who know you well. Recommendation letters are a neutral part of most applications – teachers who [...]

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Will you get off the MBA Wait List?

Five years ago, I wrote a blog about why people really get wait listed. I have also discussed mistakes, and how to get off the MBA wait list. However, even armed with information, it can be hard to calculate your odds of getting admitted. Here is further insight into the [...]

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5 Truths About the College Wait List

Now that the dust has settled on an ultra-competitive college admissions season, many families have questions about how the college wait list works. If you are considering accepting a spot, here are some things that you should know about the college wait list process.   The Odds Aren’t Good. Most [...]

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Are You Ready For An MBA?

Done right, the business school application process is demanding. In addition to being at the right place in your career, you need to be focused, honest with yourself, open to feedback and wiling to prioritize. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you might not be ready for an MBA. [...]

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