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Information regarding the process for Admissions Consulting to the college of your choice.

Applying To Business School? Don’t Forget to Network.

Clients often tell me that they are surprised by the unwritten rules surrounding MBA admissions, including the importance of building personal connections when you are applying to business school. Here are some tips that will help you network correctly: Understand Why This Matters. Networking is an important tool for MBA [...]

The Perfect College List

Today is a big day in the college admissions world – it’s Ivy release day. If you are a high school sophomore or junior, or the parent of one, you are likely paying great attention to the results. Getting into the optimal college requires starting early, and creating the perfect [...]

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Wondering How to Get Into Top Colleges and MBA Programs?

North Star turns three next week, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has collaborated along the way. I truly appreciate your trust, guidance and support. I have also been reflecting on why my clients get into top colleges and MBA programs. (98% of my comprehensive clients have been admitted to [...]

Sample College or MBA Application Essays: A Really Bad Idea

I firmly believe that reading other people’s essays before writing your own is a huge, detrimental mistake. Here are three reasons why I never give my clients templates or sample college or MBA application essays: You need to find your own voice. The essays are literally your only guaranteed opportunity [...]