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Information regarding the process for Admissions Consulting to the college of your choice.

Three Crucial Questions to Ask BEFORE Hiring an Admissions Consultant

Are you considering working with an admissions consultant? If so, you are probably discovering that there are significant differences between firms, and wondering how to choose the best match for you. Here are three crucial questions to ask before hiring an admissions consultant. Do you have admissions experience? As a former [...]

Best Summer Programs for High School Students

I am frequently asked about the best summer programs for high school students. There are many great options, and while there are different factors to consider, including resources, here are recommendations to point you in the right direction. Sports Camps  If your child enjoys a particular sport, you might consider sending [...]

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What the Admissions Committee REALLY Thinks About Your Application

Do you wish that your best friend worked in admissions, and could just tell you what the admissions committee really thinks when they read your application? Starting today, I will answer your admissions questions, giving you the same honest, informed advice that I offer my clients when they raise these [...]

Why People Hire Admissions Consultants For College and Business School

There is a lot of curiosity about why people hire admissions consultants for college and business school. Can’t they do it on their own? How can they find the right fit? Most importantly, do consultants really make a difference? At the risk of sounding salesy, overly dramatic or immodest – [...]