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North Star offers a range of services to help you throughout the admissions process, including comprehensive packages, seminars, hourly options and discrete components.  For detailed information, please visit the individual services pages including Business School Consulting, College Admissions Counseling, and Component Services.

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Packages for MBA Applicants

The comprehensive MBA package includes as much time as you need to submit the best possible application.

We will collaborate to establish an application timeline, choose the strongest writing samples for your essays, prepare for your interviews, select your recommenders and brief them, polish your resume, and maximize school visits and events.

My goal is to ensure that every aspect of your application is as strong as it can be. The comprehensive package also includes wait list advice, if required, as well as guidance about financial aid options and deciding between offers.

Business School Application Package Pricing

Number of Schools







Comprehensive, Unlimited Time







Recommended Packages:

Want to increase your chances of admission to a top school? 98% of North Star clients that have purchased a 3+ school package have gained admission to at least one top choice school. Together these clients have received $15.2 million in scholarships.

Discount Pricing:

Applying to 5+ schools? Purchase before 6/15 and get save on 5 and 6 school packages.

Application Feedback – $650.00 for one school, $800.00 for two schools

This service is primarily for candidates who were not admitted to their first choice schools and who are considering reapplying. It includes a thorough application review and analysis, and concrete suggestions about how to strengthen your candidacy. This option can also be used if you have completed an application and would like a second opinion before submission.

Consortium Admissions Services

The Consortium offers a common application for students who serve the Consortium’s mission, which is to “reduce the underrepresentation of African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanic Americans in education and business.”

As a former Consortium Trustee I am proud to help students excel when applying to any of the Consortium’s 18 member schools through their common application.  I offer strategic advice about how to select and rank these schools, as well assistance optimizing your candidacy as you apply for Consortium membership, fellowships and seats in the class at member schools.

Packages for College Applicants

The comprehensive college package includes unlimited advice about test preparation, course and extracurricular activity selection, financial aid, and target schools.  We will establish a timeline and work together to create essays and fully executed applications to up to 12 of your target schools.  The comprehensive package includes wait list and deferral guidance.  I have expertise helping students who are pursuing Division 1-3 athletics.  I am also knowledgeable about identifying and applying to schools that are the best fit for students with learning disabilities. Please note that there are no hourly or component options for college clients.

Package: High School Seniors High School Juniors High School Sophomores High School Freshman
Pricing $8000 $8750 $9750 $10,000

In addition to comprehensive packages and hourly options, I offer several component pricing services for graduate school clients to consider:

Wait List Guidance – $650.00

This service includes a thorough application review and analysis, as well as help implementing suggested next steps.  There is no time cap on this service.

The fees for all component pricing options can be applied to a comprehensive package, should you decide to upgrade.

Hourly Rates

If you prefer to work with us on an hourly basis, the rate is $350.00 per hour for all services.  There is a two hour minimum.

Component Pricing

Are you interested in working with Karen on specific aspects of the application process? The Component Pricing schedule is available here.

Please note that our review time is included in the hourly tally.

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