North Star’s College Admissions Counseling

North Star’s College Admissions Counseling can help you to get into the school of your choice.

I specialize in identifying and maximizing your key strengths, allowing you to tell your unique story to the admissions committee.

I work with college clients on a comprehensive basis.

I help you submit the strongest application possible through the following steps:

  • I learn about your background, aspirations and strengths.
  • Depending on where you are in the process, I can help you to make decisions about extracurriculars, courses, test preparation, financial aid, interviews and application timing.
  • We will establish a timeline and work together to create essays and fully executed applications to your target schools. Your application will maximize your unique strengths, minimize areas of concern, and present you in the most favorable light.
  • North Star’s comprehensive college package includes unlimited time collaborating to create the best possible application, including wait list and deferral guidance. I have expertise helping students who are pursuing Division 1-3 athletics. I am also knowledgeable about identifying and applying to schools that are the best fit for students with learning disabilities.

Contact North Star to receive a free 20 minute consultation!

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Contact North Star

North Star Admissions Consulting Service packages include the following elements:

  • Determining your key strengths
  • Articulating your goals and interests
  • Identifying ideal target schools
  • Crafting and integrating your story
  • Strategic testing advice
  • Selecting essay topics
  • Determining suitable references
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Developing your resume
  • Mitigating areas of concern
  • Identifying financial aid opportunities
  • Evaluating offers
  • Wait list management
  • Evaluation of previous applications

*All services are included in our comprehensive package or can be purchased separately. 

Client Testimonial

“Karen was an incredibly helpful resource … Her background in admissions has given her a great insider’s view, allowing her to provide outstanding advice and to help craft a unique plan for me…What really sets Karen apart though is her ability and willingness to listen to and get to know each candidate… Karen truly has a knack for seeing and bringing out the best in people. I am very grateful for all the help and advice she has offered me and cannot recommend her enough!”

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