“My coach from Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) referred me to Karen two months before first round applications were due. I was reassured that Karen was the best choice to get my application ready in the short timeframe I had before first round deadlines – and she absolutely rose to the occasion! I was blown away by Karen’s super positive energy, encouraging demeanor, and responsiveness. She took the time to get to know me and all of the components of my life, ultimately pushing me to be vulnerable and unlock the “why” in my story. The combination of Karen’s supportive nature and accessibility made her a quick addition to my “board of directors”. She was extremely knowledgeable about navigating each school’s process, helping me think through recommender strategy and balancing GMAT studying during those final weeks. Her dynamic abilities and execution-oriented feedback made an impact on my application and helped me get into my dream program – Harvard Business School. I am grateful that I had Karen in my corner during such a stressful period. She is amazing – both as an all around relatable person and as an advisor during a really intimidating and unfamiliar process.

North Star Admissions Consulting