I can’t express enough how instrumental Karen was to my success of getting into my dream business school. Going into the application process, I knew it was going to be a long process and one where I wanted full support. I had two big “red flags” on my application (below 3.0 undergrad GPA and low GRE Quant score) and I needed a consultant who would help me frame those weaknesses and identify my strengths. I interviewed a number of other consultants at different firms before meeting Karen and I was shocked that none of them wanted to work with me. To be candid, they were more concerned with preserving their success rate and I was too much of a risk. My initial consult with Karen was completely different. She took a more holistic approach when looking at my profile and experiences and she focused on the strengths I’d bring to a program. Put simply: she believed in me. She didn’t just look at the numbers, she honed in on who I was as a person and it made all the difference. In the end, I received two full-tuition scholarship offers — something I didn’t even think was possible for me — one of which was at a top 10 program which I’ll be attending in the Fall. Karen is the real deal — she’ll support you, be honest with you, and really get to know you so that you can put your best foot forward. She’ll partner with you to create an in-depth application strategy and give you clear, constructive feedback on your essays and short answers. Most importantly, she’ll prioritize you throughout your entire application journey, and you’ll never feel as though you’re competing for her time. I think she’s the best consultant out there.

North Star Admissions Consulting