“I have had the pleasure of connecting with Karen in many different roles. I interacted with her as a prospective student seeking admissions advice, as a Tuck Student Admission Associate helping to interview candidates, and as a friend. In every interaction I have always known Karen to be genuine, honest, and caring.  Her knowledge of the admissions process, coupled with her commitment to helping others, ensures that you will find a business school environment that is right for you professionally and personally. When I was a prospective student, Karen not only helped to guide me through the admissions process, but also displayed patience and honesty when helping me choose a school that was the right fit for me. She helped me think through the pros and cons of my MBA admission choices without bias. I was fortunate to have Karen in my corner through this difficult and stressful time. If you work with Karen during your admissions process, you will be partnering with an expert in MBA admissions, an expert in the consortium process, and a person who will make your personal and professional interests her priority.”

North Star Admissions Consulting