“I can’t thank Karen enough for believing in my potential. Given my less-than-ideal stats and the fact that I had offers from three decent schools, I obviously didn’t have the motivation to go through the mill to apply to a stretch school. But after an honest and thorough profile evaluation, she instilled confidence in me to give the school my best shot. Not one to give false hopes, she was very forthcoming about the effort I had to put in to stand out and gave me a lot of guidance with respect to the essays and interview. Also, it didn’t hurt that she had a positive and approachable demeanour, which helped keep our interactions honest and engaging through the application process.

Fast forward a few months, right after I got the much-awaited admit call, she was one of the first few people I reached out to — a gesture so unconscious that I only fully realised at that moment how instrumental she had been in helping me secure the future of my dreams. 

Now, if you’re reading this and are seriously considering b-schools, do yourself a favour and reach out to Karen. She’ll help you do all that it takes to make what’s best (AND right) for you happen, just as she did for me. Also, here’s another friendly tip: Never underestimate the power of the words “you’ve got this!”

North Star Admissions Consulting