“Karen and North Star Admissions Consulting was a joy to work with. I used two different consultants and my experiences were night and day. Since Karen has over a decade of actual Adcom admissions experience, she provided valuable insight on how an actual Adcom would view my application. She was extremely prompt in her responses (less than 24 hours) and respectful of my time. Unlike with other consultants, I never felt that she was nickeling and diming me. I hired Karen for hourly MBA Admissions consulting, and she would speak extremely fast on the phone just so I would be able to hear all the comments she had prepared in my allotted hour. She would even round down my time and did not charge me for a quick review of a short answer that she probably should have charged me (I would have!).

Unlike other consultants, Karen does not do the work to just check the check boxes. She caps her client list, losing out on potential income, so she can give each client’s application a thorough review and provide real actionable feedback. Most of all, I felt that Karen genuinely cared about my success. She wanted me to be happy with my essays and the application I produced. She edited one of my essays for grammatical errors, even when I didn’t ask her to, just so I would submit a better essay. When it seemed like the time I had purchased was not enough, she went above and beyond what I expected any consultant to do—she committed to working with me until the end, no matter how long it took. Having Karen’s help was like having a friend in my corner rooting for me, rather than having a consultant working for me. I could not be happier with Karen and North Star Admissions, and would recommend her to all my friends and anyone looking for MBA Admissions consulting!”

North Star Admissions Consulting