“I was very happy with Karen’s service and ended up getting accepted to Harvard. This is my second time applying to MBA programs, and the first time with consultants. After talking with Karen, I knew I wanted to work with her the most when compared to all the companies I had talked to. I ended up purchasing 10 hours. As she was running her own thing, I knew that the person I was talking to was the person I’d work with (unlike the other companies). I would recommend her to anyone looking for consulting help. She listened. I cannot emphasize this enough, especially in comparison to the other people I talked to. She took time to understand me, my candidacy and truly listened. I found her admissions experience extremely helpful. She gave me her perspective and guesses as to what other schools were looking for. She was generous with her time. With the other consultants I used, they were marking essays sent back to me with time it took to read, they were very much “counting hours.” With Karen, I never felt that way. Karen was very positive and provided a lot of encouragement.”

North Star Admissions Consulting