“Without Karen I would not be at the top tier MBA program I am at today.  Before meeting Karen I applied to and was rejected by several schools and was at a loss on how to gain acceptance.  My academic history was a massive red flag to MBA programs and a blemish on my application.  I had an undergraduate GPA of 2.8 and a degree that was stitched together across several schools and years.  It was something I tried to minimize and avoid in my previous applications.

I perceived my academic history as a blemish yet Karen saw it as an opportunity to tell my story of perseverance and personal growth.  This shift in thinking was only possible because Karen took the time to get to know me, my story, and my dreams.  Karen’s nuanced and bespoke approach transformed what I thought was my greatest flaw into the cornerstone of my MBA story.  With her unique perspective and guidance I was able to create a compelling application that landed me at my stretch MBA school in the Ivy League.

Karen’s dedication to understanding me and my story along with her deep knowledge of MBA programs, truthful feedback, and guidance made the application process painless.  Her guidance is the best investment I have ever made and has set me up for a bright future.

North Star Admissions Consulting