“What I believe sets Karen apart from other consultants is she really took the time to get to know me and was invested in my success. Her taking the time to know me really showed on my essays. She helped me to better tell my story and frame my essays to not only answer the prompt, but also hit key areas admissions officers look for. For example, she took something I thought was a weakness in my application and helped me turn it into a positive essay. I had applied to business schools before and been accepted, but I wanted to get into higher caliber schools. I was very interested in applying to Tuck and decided to work with Karen because of her inside knowledge about the program. Karen’s guidance and experience as a past admissions officer was more than helpful with my essays for all of the schools I applied to, not just Tuck. Her expertise as a past Consortium representative was especially helpful. I will be attending UNC this fall as a full Consortium fellow, and Karen was instrumental in this achievement. I highly recommend North Star for anyone applying to MBA programs, but especially for Consortium applicants.

North Star Admissions Consulting