“We are so thankful that we hired Karen to help our daughter with her college admissions process. Not only did our daughter get in early decision to Brown University, her first choice, but the process went so smoothly with Karen there guiding her along the way.  Even though our high school has a strong guidance department they were not able to offer the type of support that kids need to get into highly selective schools.  Karen really helped strengthen our daughter’s application and helped her manage deadlines. In addition, she helped her feel more confident and less stressed. Karen was always willing to listen and calm the nerves of our daughter with real concrete information that put her at ease during this stressful time of life. Although my husband works at an Ivy League college and we are both Ivy graduates, we found it useful to get expert adviceWe highly recommend Karen. You, too, will be thankful that you hired her!”

North Star Admissions Consulting