“Karen has been a wonderful adviser to have through this complex application process. I made the mistake of not reaching out to her until I was almost ready to submit my application, but I dramatically improved my essays after talking with her. Applying to school is really about fit, and Karen does not overlook this essential aspect of your application. Karen has a rare gift of being a skilled listener, and she forced me to drill down my statements to emphasize my core values and challenged me to present my ideas in new ways. I am positive that my applications would not have been as strong without Karen. What I really appreciated the most about Karen was her honest feedback. I took my GMAT two weeks before application deadlines and was devastated that I did not reach my target score and was below the average for most of my target programs. With her encouragement, I applied and received three acceptances, including one from my dream school! I loved the fact that Karen never felt the need to sugarcoat any situation but always gave great advice that calmed me down when I was stressed. Her responses to any questions were always immediate and effective. If you work with Karen, you will instantly feel how much she genuinely cares about your success!”

North Star Admissions Consulting