“After my son was deferred from his first choice college in December, we went to North Star Admissions Consulting to help us through the regular admissions process. Karen was immediately encouraging and positive. She helped us identify target schools that were a great fit for my son. She helped my son write essays that truly explained why he was genuinely interested in each school he targeted. Rather than edit or rewrite the essays, she talked him through the essay writing process and gave pointed feedback that drew out writing skills that he didn’t even know he was capable of. Her method resulted in sincere essays that accurately reflected his interests, goals and personality. She also reviewed his common application to make sure it told his unique story. In addition, she gave us advice about enhancing my son’s application to his top choice to increase his chances during the regular admissions cycle. After he was deferred, we thought he had no chance of admission. But Karen did not let us give up and helped my son effectively convey to the school the reasons why he was a good fit. My son was ultimately admitted to his top choice Ivy League college! In addition, he was admitted to many of his other top choices. After receiving disappointing news in December, my son ended up in a great position, having to choose among a list of excellent schools, including his top choice! Karen assuaged our anxieties about the entire college admissions process with her sage advice, wealth of knowledge, and most of all, her calm, supportive and enthusiastic demeanor. My son is looking forward to enrolling in his first choice college next year thanks to Karen and North Star Admissions Consulting!”

North Star Admissions Consulting