“Karen is so good at getting you to trust her first, and then trust yourself. She helped me believe that top MBA programs were within my reach, which is half the battle in the application process. Graduate admissions is a competitive and intimidating process that can easily lead one towards self-doubt. Karen’s cheerfulness and positive attitude served as a voice of reason that assured me that everything would turn out fine (and they did!)


Having Karen’s experience in admissions and her willingness to really learn about my professional background helped me highlight my true strengths as an applicant. She helped add a genuine tone to my essays, which were too polished and proper. With her help, I applied to my only two “dream schools” in the final round of admission and was accepted to both. Needless to say, Karen was elated to hear about it. She’s truly invested in your success and has the knowledge and resources to help give you the best chance for admission.”

North Star Admissions Consulting