“Working with Karen was one of the best investments I’ve made in my education. I will be attending my top choice school with a fellowship this fall, and without Karen’s guidance I would not be on this path. I was hesitant to contract a consultant – this was not something I had done for undergrad or really ever considered before. However, as a non-traditional candidate I found the MBA application process daunting and struggled to understand my competitiveness. I learned of Karen’s organization through The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, and from the brief referral I had a glimmer of hope that someone could help me sort through the plethora of information inundating me from MBA websites, message boards, and shiny admissions brochures. From our first session, I knew I made the right choice with North Star Admissions. Karen is very knowledgeable about admissions systems at top institutions, and her feedback is grounded in her impressive experience within the admissions field. But beyond that, she is kind, competent and downright amazing at her job.

One of my fears of working with an admission consultant was that I would be overly coached and pushed to represent myself in an inauthentic way; this was the exact opposite of my experience with Karen. Karen’s approach is focused, consistent and personal. Karen is incredibly approachable and she took time to get to know me. I was surprised to experience so much personal growth throughout the application process as Karen helped me to clarify my goals and articulate my story. I also really valued Karen’s perspective and advice on finding the best “fit” with an MBA program. Karen helped me align my background and goals with potential programs, and I ended up applying to and being accepted to many schools that I had not previously considered, including the program I will attend this fall! Karen was instrumental in building my confidence and tapping into my strengths, especially when crafting my essays and preparing for interviews.

Karen helped me define a final list of schools, create a timeline and manage action items to keep me on track. I was able to rely on regular check-ins, clearly defined expectations and an always calm, reassuring tone throughout the chaotic application process. As an added bonus, the interview and resume prep have proved invaluable for the start of recruitment season.

I am so grateful for Karen’s services and the support she provided me through this process. Karen is truly wonderful to work with and if you are able I would highly recommend seizing the opportunity to have her guide you through your admissions process.”

North Star Admissions Consulting