“Let’s start the story with the outcome: I am going to my dream school and that is without doubt thanks to Karen!

A few months ago after being denied admission from all the schools I applied to the previous year and despite having worked with a «  famous » consultant from a « famous » firm, I decided to reapply to the same schools and also to apply for the first time to my dream school, which was a stretch considering my stats. I decided to « audit » possible consultants and came upon Karen. Any free consultation could only give a glimpse of what it would be like working together but from the first call, you can hear in Karen’s cheerful voice that she is on your side. Karen was the first person to believe in me and to push me to apply to my dream school. As I mentioned, I did not apply to my dream school in my first round of application last year because the previous consultants told me I would never make it, they just looked at my profile and analyzed the stats and concluded I could only make it to a top 15 schools at best. Karen had a very candid and holistic look at my profile and concluded that both of us could make it to my dream school with some hard work of course.

So here are the best part of working with Karen:

– she understands that all prospective applicants are rough diamonds and that with some hard work: you can go to your dream school! Unlike other consultants who are not willing to go the extra mile with you but just to make you fit in a box;

– Karen will be your coach from day one until you put your deposit in the school you aimed to get to, at no point she will let you down (trust me on this point, if you are Rocky Balboa, Karen is Mickey Goldmill);

– take it from someone who worked with other consultant and who heard from friends working with consultant: you might think: ok that’s nice feedback from my consultant but was it worth the money? With Karen you will never have this feeling: all her inputs and prep will make you think: oh I could have never do so good without her inputs.

This is just my opinion, but after going through two admission cycles and working with several consultants before Karen, I can tell you this: Karen is the real deal. I am going to my dream school: Tuck! 

Good luck to all of you, you can all make it!”

North Star Admissions Consulting