After getting accepted to my dream school, the first person I wanted to tell was Karen. It’s a testament to how much I attribute my success to her and how personalized I felt she made the process.After receiving an offer from a top school, I was faced with a difficult choice on whether or not to re-apply to my dream school. I only felt comfortable turning down an amazing offer if I were to work with Karen. It was Karen’s honesty and authenticity that made me feel so at ease.


Karen takes the time to learn as much as possible about a candidate. She pointed out the qualities and experiences that would help differentiate my candidacy and craft a compelling story. It’s through this personalized process that helped me completely re-vamp my application from the previous year.

The business school process is stressful but Karen made me feel much more relaxed. She quickly turned around materials, answered all my questions, and always had time for a phone call.

Not only was I admitted to my dream school, but I also received scholarship offers from two other top schools. Without a doubt in my mind, it was Karen’s help that made all the difference!”

North Star Admissions Consulting