“As an applicant from the overrepresented demographic pool, I was a bit anxious about the admission process, and therefore sought out an admissions consultant who has a history of placing clients into top institutions, worked in an admissions office, and delivered a personalized client approach. I made the right choice with Karen, who has been an incredible support for me on my journey to gain acceptance to a top MBA program. Before starting my essays, Karen put extensive care into understanding and contextualizing my background and experiences. Her personal yet thorough approach in our discussions allowed me to not only hone in on my unique characteristics that she believed MBA admissions would find attractive, but also identify the best schools that would best complement these strengths. This brainstorming process was crucial, as it allowed me to establish a compelling narrative by selecting the best anecdotes and stories that firmly tied together my personal history, “why school X”, and my professional goals. Since day one, Karen has always been prompt in her responses and feedback. Given my tendency to be obsessive with the process, I truly appreciated this and her care and patience with me. There are an abundance of MBA resource online, however it is a lot to navigate and a lot of info are myths or inaccurate; therefore, having a consultant such as Karen can help prospective applicants avoid crucial errors in this time-intensive process. Ultimately, Karen was more than I bargained for as she became my personal advocate who I could rely upon (she was also a lot of fun to work with!). My efforts paid off and I was able to gain acceptance to Tuck, my top choice school!“

North Star Admissions Consulting