“I can confidently say that my life would be very different today had it not been for Karen. Several years ago, I took a crack at applying to business schools on my own – Kellogg, Tuck, Cornell (Johnson) and a few other top programs. I had good grades, a decent GMAT score and “non-traditional” work experience. While I worked incredibly hard on my application and essays, and prepared diligently for interviews, I was disappointed to have been rejected from all but one school. I truly believed that my application would speak for itself, but sadly it had not. Worse, I didn’t understand what I was missing!  I deferred admission to the business school that accepted me and chose to give the entire process another shot. In our very first meeting, Karen helped me better understand the things that made me special, unique and capable of positively contributing to the schools’ communities. Once we had identified these elements, she gave me the tips and tools to perfectly position myself and communicate my “story” effectively. Further, Karen worked with me extensively on my interviewing skills.  To say that Karen maximized my candidacy would be an understatement. The following year, I submitted applications with a whole new outlook and strategy. I was accepted at Wharton, Kellogg, Tuck and Johnson.  Working with Karen ensured that I could attend the institution that was right for me, with a scholarship.”

North Star Admissions Consulting