“Coming from a competitive undergraduate institution with a large pre-med population, I was extremely grateful to have Karen returning feedback on my essays within 1-2 days rather than the 1-2 weeks I could expect from my school’s advising services. In the time sensitive process that is medical school admissions, her prompt and thoughtful replies were indispensable. She also took the time to get to know me and my motivations for entering the medical field—again in a way that no school-provided advisor could have—and used that knowledge to draw out and highlight my voice in my writing. Her years of experience with undergraduate and business school admissions grafted seamlessly onto the medical school admissions process. As a result, she was invaluable in the strategic aspects of the process as well, from composing a school list in the narrow window between the receipt of my MCAT scores and submission of the AMCAS primary application, to preparing for my twelve interviews, to maintaining contact with schools through update letters. Largely thanks to Karen’s help, I was accepted to a top medical school on the first day possible during the application season. I recommend Karen as a resource to any medical school candidate in the highest possible terms.”

North Star Admissions Consulting