“The first thing that I think of when I think of Karen and North Star Admissions is “peace of mind.”  Karen dispels many myths of admissions and makes sure you are simply answering schools’ questions with the best stories you have.

Furthermore, Karen is always very prompt and conscientious with response times and is not afraid to tell you that something isn’t working. With her background in Admissions, she gives you the perspective of how an admissions officer would read your application.

I’d say also that Karen is particularly helpful with reapplicants.  She is able to take what you submitted already and work with that and specifically point to areas and give actionable “to-dos” to re-work your application. One of my pet peeves with any sort of consulting is vague/high-level advice. Karen does not do that. As a result of my work with Karen, I will now be entering a top-tier business school this fall.”

North Star Admissions Consulting