“Looking back at my application process to some of top schools of the US and Europe, I am deeply convinced that I could not have succeeded without working with Karen.

I initially was told about Karen by a Tuck alumnus after I failed to receive acceptance from any of the schools I applied to in the previous year. Hearing Karen’s great insight into the application processes and her strategies, through  which she fully applies her experience as an admissions officer at Tuck, I decided to work with her immediately after the first 20 minute consultation.

While I worked with Karen, I realized the essential part of her instruction. It is “selection and concentration” As a business school applicant, it is very important to balance your essays, scores, other application requirements, and of course your professional work. However, your time and money are limited. Some counselors tell that you should “work hard” and “do everything”, but Karen does not. She distinguishes important parts from others. I was convinced that her strategy worked greatly through having satisfying results.

As a result, I received an offer letter from one of my dream schools and decided to go and study there. I deeply appreciate Karen’s accurate instructions, enthusiasm, and positive attitude which always empowered me. Now, with confidence, I am honored to recommend her as the best counselor.”

North Star Admissions Consulting