“I am fortunate to have Karen as my mentor of MBA applications. I got to know Karen because my good friend, who was admitted to a top MBA program with the help of Karen, strongly recommended her. As a prior Associate Director of Admissions at Tuck, Karen has unique experience in top business school applications. When reviewing essays, she is able to quickly identify the pros and cons of your essays, proactively explore your potential selling points, and strategically provide you with suggestions from an insider’s perspective. All these expert advices saved me lots of time and boosted the quality of my essays. In addition, Karen is nice, supportive and responsible. It was always great experience working with her. To help me catch up with the application deadline, she sacrificed her weekend time to review my essays and cared about my application progress. As an international applicant, I was quite impressed by her quick responses in spite of the time difference. Sometimes I received her responses at her night time. I could easily tell that she treated my application as her own stuff and helped me with all her heart, rather than simply handle a task. Another thing that impressed me was that she is familiar with many top business schools. With her help, I was admitted to my two “dream schools,” Kellogg and Tepper, both with scholarship.Karen is far beyond my expectation.I strongly suggest that business school applicants consider her services. You will harvest not only an experienced mentor but also a lifelong friend.”

North Star Admissions Consulting