“Being an international student, I knew I would need some help with my application process for my MBA application in the US, so I reached out to a few admissions consultants. However, after my first interview with Karen I was convinced she was the right person. She immediately struck me as someone who truly seeks to understand her clients and she seemed to genuinely have my best interests at heart.

Over the last couple of months, Karen has helped me refine my career goals and taught me how to communicate in a direct and effective manner. Her calm and inviting nature also promoted an environment of trust where I always felt comfortable knowing I had someone to whom I could go with any questions or problems I had about the application process.

Karen constantly encouraged me to focus on my own unique experiences, which ensured my application was a true reflection of my values and attributes rather than merely what I thought the adcom wanted to hear. Her insight into the various universities and their differences also helped guide me towards which B-School I thought would be the best “fit” for me.

Having now been accepted into an Ivy League school, I am certain that it was Karen’s assistance that enabled me to put my best foot forward and eventually get in. I would highly recommend North Star Admissions to anyone who is looking to get into a top tier B-School. Karen’s insight was invaluable to me and there is no one else I would rather have had on my team throughout the process.”

North Star Admissions Consulting