“ I wholeheartedly recommend working with Karen if you are remotely considering applying to MBA programs.  Working with Karen was the best decision I made throughout the MBA application process .

One great part of working with Karen is that she truly takes a personal approach, taking time to really understand both you as a person, as well as your biggest needs in terms applying to school. I have heard that many consultants are tactical in nature, preferring to become involved after one has initial essay drafts. This couldn’t be further from Karen’s approach, as she invests in every detail, guiding you from choosing the right schools to apply to, to helping solidify your career goals long before you even start writing. As a result, I was much more confident in my approach, producing more meaningful and genuine application essays. 

Relatedly, Karen became an incredible support structure for me throughout the process. She is readily available to her clients, and frequent touchpoints both helped me stick to a timeline, as well as provided me the support needed through an otherwise fairly isolating process.

Karen is a pleasure to work with. She is encouraging, energetic, and was a huge part of my ultimate success in being admitted to Tuck. If you are thinking about applying to MBA programs, call Karen! This will certainly be one decision you won’t regret.”

North Star Admissions Consulting