The Perfect College List

Today is a big day in the college admissions world – it’s Ivy release day. If you are a high school sophomore or junior, or the parent of one, you are likely paying great attention to the results. Getting into the optimal college requires starting early, and creating the perfect [...]

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Damaging MBA Admissions Myths

There is a lot of information out there about MBA admissions. Unfortunately, much of it is wrong! Don’t fall for these dangerous MBA admissions myths: Don’t apply in the first round. Have you heard that it’s better to wait and apply in a later round, because the competition is stiffer [...]

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Have You Chosen the Wrong Business School Recommender?

Asking for a recommendation is stressful. You are making yourself vulnerable and possibly learning what people really think of you. The news isn’t always good, but it’s crucial to pay attention to what your potential business school recommender is actually telegraphing. Here are signs that you have chosen the wrong business [...]