How To Ask For Business School Recommendations

It’s an honor to be asked to write business school recommendations, and also a big responsibility. Taking these steps will help you get great results, and also shows your recommenders that you appreciate their support. Get organized. Create a document with a list of all the schools you are applying [...]

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Why the MBA Admissions Committee Says No

When I was the Associate Director of Admissions for Tuck, I was often really excited about candidates who I would meet on the road or at events. We would have great conversations, and I would start to envision them as part of the Tuck community. Unfortunately, when I finally reviewed [...]

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Admissions Advice That Might Surprise You

As you start to work on your business school applications, here is some admissions advice that might surprise you. Don’t start activities just for your applications. Admissions Officers are pretty savvy, and if you suddenly start volunteering at the animal shelter, building houses for habitat for humanity and tutoring local elementary [...]

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